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Real Estate


 Interactive visits let users choose where to move within a property by clicking on special hotpots in the field of view. Creating interactive virtual home tours is more complicated, but they’re more interactive than guided 3D virtual tours so you can more efficiently show properties. 



 There’s so much potential for bringing the curriculum to life using virtual and augmented reality experiences, from visiting far-flung corners of the world to holding the human heart in your hands. Find out more about how VR and AR can have a remarkable impact in all areas of learning 



 Typically, when you start exploring the market for a new car, you need to visit a dealership. They usually display a few models and often don’t even have the color you’re looking for. Now imagine a VR environment. Within it, you’re able to customize any make or model in exactly the way you’re going to buy it. You’ll be able to walk around it and step into the driver seat. With the development of quality VR headsets, this technology can be brought to any showroom, and it needn’t cost a fortune, either! 



 Because of the immersive nature of VR, it is a good choice to reinforce the most critical aspects of training or skill development. For example, health care organizations are increasingly using VR to train surgeons on new techniques in a risk-free environment. For other employees who are tasked with sensitive or critical operations, VR training can be a vital tool that reduces errors and lowers liability. 

Health Care


 VR is an interactive and immersive experience that can be used to transport patients to a place beyond the clinical setting. Using a VR headset, patients can experience realistic, three-dimensional worlds that aim to not just reduce the stress and anxiety of a clinic visit, but to also teach patients new skills